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Terra Fortunata SA is a property development company that has been created by Petter Olsen to provide discerning clients with a perfect environment to establish a second life in an ideal location with a perfect climate, and a pleasant and rewarding natural and social environment. We are located next to Playa de Santiago, a charming fishing village about 40 minutes from the island capital San Sebastian. This peaceful gem has all the facilities to meet most needs, with some very pleasant restaurants.

The location of La Gomera, away from the mass tourism locations provides the ideal conditions to develop an environment that will appeal to those who can combine peace and relaxation with intellectual, artistic and physical pleasures.

The island has countless possibilities for hiking, sailing, deep sea fishing and a multitude of other activities. The local population is friendly and there is virtually no crime on the island. The infrastructure is well developed with an excellent road network.

Our team are ready to welcome our clients and to assist with every conceivable need, such as local knowledge, bookings, transport, cleaning, gardening and maintenance services. Our team is there to help. We are developing an organic fruit and vegetable farm to ensure a healthy food supply, and the local fishermen will always have exciting fresh catch for sale every morning. It is our dream to create an environment where our clients will feel secure, comfortable and inspired tom make the best of their second life.

We believe that there is a large and growing customer segment that is looking for precisely the offering we believe it is possible to develop on La Gomera. This segment is highly mobile both geographically and professionally and is characterized by a high activity level. When they take precious time off they wish to relax and regenerate. ”Packaged entertainment” would offend their intelligence. They need high quality “components” that can help them to package their own experiences.

Why Terra Fortunata

Terra Fortunata is just that – a company that is mindful of its mission to care for and develop this unique part of earth. This property lies snugly between the charming village of Playa de Santiago, the friendly regional airport and the hills above. It slopes 100-200m above the Atlantic and has astounding views taking in the full day from sunrise to sunset. This land holds the promise of offering a high quality experience for visitors, and a perfect second home for those who wish make this their alternative residence. Terra Fortunata also welcomes the opportunity to strengthen the local community with new activity, meaningful work, and a more vibrant local economy.

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