The dream of fulfilling a second life.

Our company has spent many years creating our dream property development on the southern shores of La Gomera. The houses hug the gentle slopes well above the sea level, providing a panoramic view from sunrise to sunset as the sun traverses the Atlantic.

The property is located close to the charming fishing village of Playa Santiago, where life goes on much as it has always done.

The subtropical climate provides a comfortable ambiance all year. There is little noise, no mass tourism and a relaxed atmosphere where stress and security problems are blissfully absent.

Santa Ana

This is our property development. It has undergone a meticulous planning process in close consultation with the planning department of the Ayuntamiento de Alajeró, the local borough. The infrastructure is complete and three villas completed. We have paid meticulous attention to design; material and build quality, with a particular focus on energy efficiency, by using natural ventilation, solar water heating and heat filtering windows. Grey water is cleaned and used for watering the ample gardens in and surrounding the houses.

Our houses have a magnificent view of the ocean, a short walk from the charming fishing village Playa de Santiago. The houses are equipped with high quality fixtures and fittings, including marble bathrooms with under floor water borne heating.

Villas Sales & Rentals

You have reached a point where you want to add a second life to your everyday northern existence. You need a place to recharge your batteries, soak some sun and peace and perhaps get inspired to continue developing your favourite projects, or just to be lazy with a perfect conscience.

We have the perfect location, property and environment to meet your needs.

Imagine getting up as the sun rises above the Atlantic. It is 22°C. You enjoy your early morning coffee whilst contemplating the day’s plans.

A dip in your refreshing pool gets you ready for breakfast. You have created your Second Life and acquired your dream house on la Gomera, a jewel of an island, and the second smallest in the Canary Islands, away from the mass tourism ghettos.

It has a stable year-round subtropical climate, an exquisite landscape with multiple national parks, fantastic well marked hiking trails and a peaceful and welcoming population. Your new villa is perched 150m above sea level with a panoramic ocean vista covering a 200 degrees view.