The European Blue Flag raised again in Playa de Santiago

This Friday, 1st July, it fell to the local fisherman, Don Julio Rodríguez Álvarez, 97 years old, to hoist this award in the presence of the municipal representatives, which ratifies the coastal area of the municipality of Alajeró as one of the best in La Gomera, not only for the parameters mentioned above but also for the activity that takes place around it and for the involvement of the neighbours of this southern town of the island.


The mayor, Manuel Ramón Plasencia, expressed his satisfaction "at the recognition of the efforts of both the town council and society in general to maintain the levels of quality of the municipal coastal strip, work that extends throughout the year". For the councillor, to have this emblem is "a source of pride and therefore a commitment to continuity in all the actions that give these results".  


The event also coincided today with the hoisting of the flags in the Plaza and the traditional 'Diana Floreada', which announces the festivities in honour of Our Lady the Virgin of Carmen and Santiago Apostle, as well as the summer activities.

In this sense, the Alajeró Town Hall, as it has been informing, has planned an extensive programme of activities related to cultural, popular, sporting and social events, which will not only take place in Playa de Santiago but also in other parts of the municipality.


As well as encouraging the general public to take part, the Town Council is also grateful for the involvement of the town's traders and business people, who strengthen these initiatives and also guarantee the presence of many visitors over the coming months.